EasyPulse  5

Compact and Lightweight. Lightest 5 Liter portable
concentrator on the market, weighing only 6.6 pounds  

Excellent Battery Life. The internal battery lasts over 3 hours at
setting two, it has an external battery that provide 3 more hours
of use.
Can also be used with the AC cord or DC car adapter.

One knob easily sets the oxygen flow

Dimensions: 10.1 in high x 6.5 in wide x 4.5 in deep.

Low Maintence. Only one filter that is easily cleaned.

EasyPulse  3.
Has the same features of the 5,  the flow can go up to 3 Liter,
weighing only 4.8 pounds  

Dimensions: 8.5 in high x 6.5 in wide x 4.5 in deep.

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